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Police Concern as Possible 3D ‘Gun Parts’ Found in UK Crime Raid

Police Concern as Possible 3D ‘Gun Parts’ Found in UK Crime Raid
A 3D printer and suspected “homemade” gun components seized during police raids in Manchester are being examined. Officers initially thought they could be a “plastic magazine and trigger” which would make a “viable” gun. But a man who was arrested in connection with the raid said the parts were sections of the 3D printer. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has now said it “cannot categorically say” whether the objects are the component parts for a gun. The arrested… [BBC News, via GunPolicy.org]

How Disarmament in Africa Got More Complicated
Africa is ground zero in the international debate on controlling the small arms and light weapons trade. For more than a decade, diplomatic activity to contain arms and ammunition transfers has been animated by a concern with instability and contagion generated by the continent’s many wars. Leading think tanks, research groups, and advocacy organizations have repeatedly drawn attention to the way the burden of armed violence in Africa is a product of low-tech assault… [IPI Global Observatory, via GunPolicy.org]

Drugs, Illegal Firearms Seized in Australian Police Raids
Police have seized drugs, firearms and a large amount of ammunition during two raids in Canberra’s south on Thursday morning. Executing search warrants at two sites in Narrabundah and Fyshwick about 5am, officers seized seven firearms, three replica firearms, a large amount of ammunition and a quantity of drugs. ACT Police said the weapons found at Narrabundah included four rifles, two pistols and one shotgun. “Police also seized three replica firearms and 2,000… [Canberra Times (Australia), via GunPolicy.org]

Gunshot Detection System Logs 39,000 Shooting Incidents in US Capitol
When Absalom Jordan hears the crack of gunfire outside his home in Southeast Washington, he reacts in an instant. “You get away from the windows and get down,” the 72-year-old said. “I have learned to live with it.” Police are listening as well. Rooftop sensors monitor his neighborhood around the clock for the distinctive bang of a gun. The inconspicuous devices have logged hundreds of incidents over the past eight years near his apartment as part of a gunfire… [Washington Post, via GunPolicy.org]

US Lawmakers Bicker Over Stand Your Ground Laws After Recent Deaths
WASHINGTON – The mother of a 17-year-old boy shot by a suspicious neighbour told a panel of U.S. senators Tuesday that state “stand your ground” self-defence laws do not work and must be amended, reviving the politically charged gun control issue a year ahead of the 2014 midterm elections. But little besides politics emerged from the session, held in the Senate’s made-for-television hearing room. Democrats who hold majority power in the Senate and are trying to keep it… [Montreal Gazette (Québec), via GunPolicy.org]

British Crime Gangs Adapting Antique Guns, As Crackdown Limits Supply
Antiques and obsolete guns are being adapted and used by criminals facing a shortage of weapons, according to police. A decade ago, Britain’s cities were experiencing a surge in gun crime but, following successful interventions by crime agencies and the government, the number of firearms offences annually is now half what it was in 2003, according to the Office for National Statistics. One reason is the supply of weapons has been severely restricted, forcing criminals… [BBC News, via GunPolicy.org]

NZ Police Seize ‘Alarming’ Military-Style Weapons Cache
An “alarming” cache of high-powered firearms and ammunition have been seized from an Auckland lock-up. Shotguns, military-style assault rifles, a silenced rifle, a handgun and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found by detectives at a storage compound in Onehunga yesterday as part of an on-going investigation into an associate of the Hells Angels. A late model Holden ute was also confiscated under an asset seizure order and criminal charges are likely to be laid… [New Zealand Herald, via GunPolicy.org]

Experts Suggest Law Reform to Address Illegal Gun Trade in Australia
A national crime conference in Hobart has heard 70 per cent of illicit firearms seized by police had fallen into the hands of serious criminals and organised crime. The Crime Stoppers conference was also told some of the firearms stolen in Tasmania in recent times are almost certainly destined for the black market interstate. Dr Samantha Bricknell of the Australian Institute of Criminology says illegal firearms are increasingly being found on smaller-scale… [ABC News (Australia), via GunPolicy.org]

More Gun Charges Added to Indictment Against South African Star Athlete
CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Prosecutors accusing Oscar Pistorius of premeditated murder will add two more charges believed to relate to firing guns in public to the indictment against him, apparently to show another side to the inspiring double-amputee Olympian: Reckless and trigger-happy. Pistorius now faces charges of murder, illegal possession of ammunition and two other counts of breaking South Africa’s firearms laws in his trial in March. Pistorius’ lawyers… [Washington Post / Associated Press, via GunPolicy.org]

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